Get Started on Squash with TDWSA & Oliver Sports

Oliver has put together an  awesome offer to help our new (or existing) members get started on squash!

Choose 1 of the 4 racquets (below) and pick a string bag to go along with it all for just $100 they’re even cutting the HST! The racquets normally retail for $130 plus!

This offer is exclusively offered through the TDWSA as a part of our Sponsorship by Oliver! Please contact the Toronto Representative Spencer Robitaille to take advantage of this Special offer! He’s happy to answer all questions! Please include your home club in the email, if you do not have one please write down that you are a new player!

  • Add Goggles to your starter Kit for $20! Goggles are essential to all players, not just new players! It’s not just the ball you need to watch for. It’s the other player’s racquet!
  • Bring a lot of stuff with you everywhere you go? Upgrade your string bag to a full sized squash bag for $30 (that’s $50 in savings)! The bag has backpack straps to make it easy to carry around, and fits on the TTC no problem!
  • You can view the rest of Oliver’s products here.

Free pick up of orders, or $10 shipping. Free shipping if 2 starter kits are ordered!

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