Check your gear: pro tips for safety and performance

Your squash gear plays an important role in ensuring that you play at your best and stay injury free.

How often should you change your grip, restring your racquet, or step into a new pair of court shoes? We are pleased to share the following tips from squash professional Spencer Robitaille to help you gear up for a great season!

Get a New Grip for More Control

gripYou should re-grip your racquet as soon as it starts to feel slippery or dry. If you are still using the factory grip, after a few months, it may be time for a replacement. New grips are an easy way to get more control because the racquet won’t spin in your hand or slip when you sweat.

Want to learn more about how to re-grip your squash racquet? Check out the following: Video | Article

Restring Your Racquet for Better Performance

How frequently you restring your racquet is really a matter of personal preference, but it’s not a bad idea to restring before the start of the squash season. New strings can give you more control and better ball placement, especially on your drops.

It’s also not a bad idea to restring a new racquet since, unless it comes with quality strings, the factory strings are often thin and will loosen quickly.

Both the string and the tension at which it is strung offer trade-offs between power, control, and durability. In general:

  • For more power use less tension (25lbs)
  • For more control use higher tension (30lbs)
  • For a happy medium of both power and control aim for 28lbs

Replace Your Shoes Regularly to Minimize the Risk of Injury

asicsSquash is hard on the knees and ankles and a good pair of non-marking squash-specific court shoes to support you as you move laterally, forwards, and backwards is essential. If you’ve had your shoes for a while and you start to slip or your knees hurt after you play, it’s definitely time to replace your shoes.

In addition to information provided in this article, consider the following when buying squash shoes:

  • Avoid shoes that lift your foot too high off the ground as this makes it easy to roll an ankle.
  • Consider buying two identical pairs and rotating them throughout the year.
  • When trying on shoes, test out lunging in them in the store to ensure that you have a good fit and that the soles grip and don’t slip.
  • NEVER underestimate comfort.

If your club pro shop doesn’t have your size or favorite brand in stock, check out Canuck Stuff (Kennedy and Lawrence). They offer the largest selection of court shoes in Canada, including the popular ASICS and up and coming Salming brands, and are having a major clearance event on shoes this fall. Visit the showroom for a fitting!

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