Women’s C/D Summer Finals at One Health Club

The summer league is a great way to stay competitive throughout the warmer months. On Tuesday, July 26th, we celebrated the end of the 2016 season. It was a night filled with great squash, healthy competition, and wonderful women. One Health Club hosted four teams competing in the C/D Women’s Summer League. Congratulations to all of the players and captains who made the summer season so much fun!

Champions: One Health Team 2
Captained by Vanessa Thoo (not shown) and featuring (from left to right) Jenny Truong, Morgan Sanchez, Liane Haushalter, and Heather Del Colombo.One Health 2 - Champions

Finalists: One Health Team 1
Captained by Carol Johnston (second from left) and featuring (from left to right) Melanie Latimer, Raffaela Vandenhurk, and Marg Kuflowski.
One Health 1 - Finalists

3rd Place: Executive Squash & Fitness
Winning 3rd place by a narrow margin of just 4 points and co-captained by Michelle Rawlins and Gabrielle Amoroso (back row) the team from Executive Squash & Fitness featured (front row from left to right) Ainsley Rawlins, Keira Rawlins, and Aleeza Khan.
Executive S&F - Third place

4th Place: Mayfair Lakeshore
Captained by Diane Belanger (far right) and featuring (from left to right) Amanda Chen, Ashley Rycroft, and Lea Greenwood.
Mayfair Lakeshore - Fourth place

Our sincere thanks to: 

  • Host Club: One Health Club and racquets pro Scott Douglas
  • Professional Referees: Bob Mansbridge and Andres Orozco
  • Guest Referees: Cari Fraser and Alexa May
  • TDWSA Treasurer: Christine Horner
  • C/D Summer League Conveners: Monica Dhar and Liz McBeth
  • Squash Ontario
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