TDWSA Etiquette


Just a few reminders for some on-court and off-court etiquette to make sure your evenings are as pleasant and fun as possible.

Please make every effort to be on time for your match.   If you or your team is running late – please contact the opposing captain/club to let them know when your expected arrival is.  We all know that sometimes traffic or weather (or directions!) can cause lateness – and we want to make sure everyone shows up safely.   

During the warm-up – do not hog the ball.   1-3 shots on your side of the court and then an easy feed to your opponent ensures that both players get a fair warm-up.   Please try to limit the warm-up to no more than 5 minutes total.    Hitting 10 balls to yourself while your opponent waits on the other side of the court is not very polite or sporting.

While playing, after each point – the player closest to the ball should pick up the ball.   If that player is not the server, the ball should be lightly tossed or given directly to the server.   Kicking the ball or refusing to pick up the nearby ball is unfriendly and unsportsmanlike.

There is a 90-second break between games – referees will time and call to players when they must return to court.

Spectators should NOT be coaching DURING the match.   If they need to talk to their player – they must wait until the 90-second break between games.  

Spectators must also remain quiet about any referee calls during the match.   Only the decision from the referee counts and those calls should not be influenced by the spectators.   If they wish to discuss – they can wait until after the match.

Spectators/teammates should not disturb the referee/score-keep during another player’s match.   Referees/Score-keeps must keep close attention to the game they are looking after.

Referees/Score-keepers should NOT cheer on their teammate during the game they are working.   Kudos for a good rally or shot by either player is OK, but leave the cheering to other team-mates and spectators.

After the match be sure to shake your opponents hand and thank them for the match.   Be sure to also thank your referee and scorekeeper.

For those teams coordinating dinners – be sure to reach out to your opponent team on the Monday week of your matches.   This will make sure appropriate planning/reservations can be done for your after squash social.

Remember to be sportsmanlike and mostly – just remember to have fun!!

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